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Private Cloud Trading

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Financial compliance

End to end encryption

Trusted suppliers and infrastructure


Community Cloud 

Free calling to any Private Cloud Trading community member (Just like private wires)



Compliance recording is secured stored in country

Bring you own local Telco 



Centralised management and reporting



5 - 5000 Traders

63 metro cities globally

All major financial centres



Customised to fit client specific needs
Fixed price service establishment fee

Perpetual n-1 software version control included

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Highly competitive pricing

Predictable monthly Opex

Add CDN as your Telco for more savings

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Seamlessly link with your Corporate Communications

Natively integrate with MS Teams, Cisco and Avaya

Connect to any SIP Telephony Service Provider



Work from anywhere; in the office or at home

Laptop or Mobile devices

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Geo-diverse Datacentres - Equinix Metal

Highly available always on fault tolerant service

Built on best of breed technology

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Until recently, few organisations would have considered moving mission-critical trader voice systems to the cloud, but that’s changing...

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Allow traders to collaborate with the rest of the company and benefit from a community ecosystem.



Ensure data security and meet your growing compliance obligations.



Move to a unified communications solution that frees your trading teams, counterparties and clients to collaborate more effectively,



Remove technology silos, consolidate your infrastructure and reduce costs



Increase flexibility by using a scalable and secure private trusted cloud service.

It’s likely you’re using a mix of collaboration solutions, but want to offer your blended services across voice and electronic trading more effectively. At the same time, you’re looking to boost your agility, cut costs, ensure data security and meet your growing compliance obligations.

Traditional technology silos may be limiting your ability to address these challenges as well as you’d like. But you can move to a unified communications solution that frees your trading teams, counterparties and clients to collaborate more effectively, while also giving you valuable client insight.


Our service is not multi-tenanted. Each client is enabled on their own private cloud instance that can be tailored to their needs. Our Private Cloud Trading service also gives you your own instances of turret and recording software.

Compliance Recordings can be archived in our cloud, your own facilities or third-party vaults.

We offer per-user, per-month subscription pricing for our cloud trading services, so you can flex your usage as needed.

We support a full range of user devices and mobile apps, and offer a seamless migration path from your existing turrets. All of your cloud voice communications and call signaling that is carried over the internet to our private cloud service is secured via our Secure Cloud Architecture.

Consolidate your infrastructure, reduce your costs and increase flexibility through our scalable, secure, compliant, and trusted, private cloud trading service. 


We can help you better manage and protect your business through our state-of-the-art solution and proactive service.

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